New College Tours From Magellan Jets

diplomaAre your clients about to start college-hunting? Jet charter company Magellan Jets is now offering 10 Hour Jet Cards in 10 hour increments, starting at $43,500 to help clients and their children see each prospective campus before making their decision.

When travelers purchase a 10 Hour Card for college tours through Magellan Jets, they can tell the company the colleges on the agenda and the Magellan flight support team will help with the logistics. The team will organize an itinerary based on the selected schools and tour dates, and arrange all pick up and drop off car services. Private jets have access to more airports than commercial planes, and many of these airports are closer to our nation’s top-tier universities, enabling customers to visit more than one school per day. If time permits, Magellan Jets will also arrange a private chauffeured tour of the campus town with a local driver who can share the history of the town and its top attractions while taking the scenic route form the airport to the campus.

While on-board, Magellan Jets will supply each customer with note pads from each university so that the parents and children can write down the pros and cons after each visit. The flight attendant will then collect all of the notes and send them to Magellan Jets, who will condense them and send back a detailed version that sums up their feelings on each college, making it easier for each family to make this tough decision. If the child is interested in athletics, Magellan Jets can also arrange a meet and greet with high-profile alumni.

Once the family decides on a university, Magellan Jets will present them with a gift basket full of that universities’ apparel and other necessities to get them ready for the first day of college.