New Day Trip To The Arctic Launches

Jolyon Attwooll, The Daily Telegraph, July 30, 2013

Transun, an independent tour operator, has just revealed details of its ambitious latest trip, which would see visitors fly beyond the Arctic Circle and return without even staying the night.

Described as “an action-packed adventure getaway”, the tour will go to Finnish Lapland and costs £499.

Visitors will be met at airport by snowmobiles, which will take them away to sample a traditional lunch in the heart of the forest, surrounded by frozen lakes and snow.

They will also be able to take lessons in the “ancient art of snow-shoeing”, as well as a husky sled safari.

Their time in the Arctic will conclude with a snowmobile ride back to the airport, before visitors return back to Britain before the day is over.

Several dates have been scheduled for this December, including from London Gatwick, East Midlands airport, Birmingham Airport, and Bristol.

While the day-trip may seem extravagant to some, it is restrained in comparison to one tour operator, which released details of a stag-do to the North Pole last year, including Champagne and caviar.

For further information on the Arctic day-trip, visit or call 01865 265 200.

Other extravagant day trips

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SpaceShipTwo, which carried out some successful tests earlier this year, is designed to take tourists to the edge of space. More than 500 people have already reserved seats - and paid a deposit on the total $200,000 (£129,000) ticket price - for a short sub-orbital flight on SS2. See

A day-trip to a different Continent

Actually, this just sounds extravagant, but is surprisingly easy to do. Should you be in the south of Spain, Morocco is just a short ferry ride away. The port town of Tarifa is the best jumping off point, with ferries taking as little as 15 minutes. See for more information.

A day in the Antarctic

Even further afield than the Arctic, the Antarctic is often cited as the world’s last great wilderness. You can also see this pristine area from the comfort of a Boeing 747, with the Australia based tour operator Antarctica Flights ( ).Tickets start from $AUS7499 (£4500), and a one-day flight includes lecturers to talk on the polar environment and video screenings of life on the ground.

Great Barrier Reef by air

Should you be in Australia, one of the most luxurious resorts on the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island (0061 3 9426 7550; now has two helicopters based on its premises, opening a range of new possibilities for visitors. Skysafari Australia ( ) operates a range of luxury scenic tours each day from there and other locations. Prices start at £680 per person.

A quick stop in North Korea

North Korea, one of the world’s least accessible countries, is opening its borders to day-trippers, Chinese news agencies reported earlier this year .

The government in Pyongyang was set to allow visitors to cross from Dandong City in China to Sinuiju, North Korea's largest border town, it was reported.

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Create your own whisky blend in China

Earlier this year, Alexander & James put together a special father’s day trip to China. As well as a trip to the Great Wall and terracotta army, you can also create your own whisky blend at the Johnnie Walker House in Beijing. Unless you’re the son or daughter of a Russian oligarch however, this may not be for you. Trips cost £120,000 (and, slightly snootily, they say this is by invitation only).