New Glacier Chaser Tour From Big Chill Adventures


Mindy CambiarBig Chill Adventures has announced it is offering a new 12-day Glacier Chaser tour this summer, led by glaciologist Dr. Sarah Aciego and photographer Mindy Cambiar.

The itinerary will take travelers through West Greenland where they will experience dogsledding, hut camping and a meeting with the local Inuit people. Wildlife viewing, a speed boat tour of the fjords surrounding Nuuk, kayaking amongst icebergs, mountain biking primitive trails, and a helicopter ride to a supra glacier will also be included. 

The tour begins with an excursion to Eqi Sermi, also known as the “calving glacier”. Guests will then take a boat ride from Ilulissat to the face of the glacier for an opportunity to view whales in their natural habitat. Later at Port Victor, travelers will enjoy an afternoon visit to a nearby lagoon, followed by a morning hike in search of a community of arctic foxes.
A visit to Disko Island will include a 3-4 hour hike to an ice cap with views of the bay, waterfalls and massive basalt cliffs, and if weather permits, a dog sled experience across the ice cap. 

Following a flight to Kangerlussuaq, the home base for scientific research throughout Greenland, guests will have an opportunity to view waterfalls, lakes, caribou and musk oxen.  Later, guests will embark on a helicopter excursion over the fjords around the capital city of Nuuk to an inland glacier where they will land on top of the ice sheet next to a large supraglacial lake. There will also be time to explore the capital city of Nuuk.

The Glacier Chaser tour is scheduled for July 25 - August 5, 2016. Prices start at $9,250 per person. Visit or call 307-640-9001.