New Joint Venture Creates Cassis, Mansour & Associates

California-based travel providers to the entertainment and business industries, Cassis Travel Services and Mansour Travel Company, have announced their new joint venture, forming Cassis, Mansour & Associates, LLC. The venture focuses on the two group’s core philosophies and business models: to be a bespoke entity providing ultimate service for the best value in the marketplace. The new alliance aims at creating more leverage and opportunities within the travel industry.

Photo by: tom merton/ ojo images/Getty Images

Both companies are members of Virtuoso and are preferred partners with most of the top luxury hotel brands, all of which will transfer over to the new organization.

Effective October 1, 2016, the two companies will begin the joint venture that’s based on respective experience, industry alliances and volume of business. The venture combines their multi-million dollar volume in business with mutual joint relationships benefitting clients, staff and independent contractors. The combined enterprise will offer more technologies, competitive solutions, enhanced supplier benefits and a larger geographical service footprint.

After extensive discussions and research to ensure that the new company’s business model was blend of contemporary goals, business styles and philosophies, all while maintaining the integrity and high standards of the industry, the strategic alliance plans to maximize the equity of its network and alliances.

“Cassis has a long standing reputation for providing bespoke travel services and for its staff of highly qualified agents,” said Michele Montgomery, principal of Cassis. 

She added, “I am extremely excited to work with Kay Mansour to enhance the travel offerings of both companies to our current and future entertainment and luxury clients, staff and independent contractors. By combining our efforts, we will become a formidable force in the travel industry... I enjoy the fact that Kay and I are building a women-owned business model aligning our friendship, synergies and values.”


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