New Luxury Hotel Possibly Coming to Pakistan

In Islamabad, Pakistan, the Capital Development Authority is planning to sell one of the country's biggest commercial plots to a hotel developer next week.

According to Pakistan Today, the 12-acre plot is being imposed by the CDA on condition for the buyer to be an owner of a five-star hotel—which, the paper notes, sidelines "all the rules and regulations of the organization." The Citizens Developers Association, which believes that a large development could "pose great threat to the lives of people during any emergency situation," has appealed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to "intervene and take notice of the matter."  

The Association believes that the Authority "should take off the conditions imposed on the auction of this plot and all the investors should be given chances to have an access to the coming auction." The matter may be challenged by the Builder's Association in court, the Association noted. 

If the hotel gets the go-ahead, the finished product could have as many as 4,200 rooms.