New Orleans Celebrates History with Fireworks and Concert

Looking for a unique activity in the Big Easy this week? Here's a fun activity for New Orleans-bound travelers: On January 8, Andrew Jackson's statue will be tipping his hat to those gathering to celebrate his victory. High atop his horse, in the middle of Jackson Square, he will be feted by the US Marine Corp Band and fireworks, all to commemorate his victory over the British.

At dawn on the morning of January 8, 1815, a diverse force of soldiers, sailors, and militia, including Indians and African Americans, defeated Britain's finest white and black troops drawn from Europe and the West Indies in a battle that determined the course of Louisiana and American history.

The American victory in the Gulf region forced the British to recognize United States claims to Louisiana and West Florida and to ratify the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war. The Battle of New Orleans also marked the state's political incorporation into the Union.

The free concert and fireworks at Jackson Square will be part of a weekend of activities to commemorate the battle, fought downriver in Chalmette. A 20-acre site, located at 8207 Patricia Street in Chalmette. It has been cleared to accommodate five battle reenactments between January 9 and 11. For tickets, go to

Bonus: Pat O'Brien's will feature a Bicentennial cocktail throughout the weekend, a display about the battle will be ongoing at the Historic New Orleans Collection and special hotel packages are being offered at all the New Orleans Hotel Collection properties. An opening ceremony at Chalmette Battlefield will take place at 9 am on Thursday morning followed by battle reenactments nearby through the weekend.

On January 11, Louisiana State Museum will offer an exhibit at the Cabildo that will feature the coat Andrew Jackson wore on January 8, 1815 in Chalmette. The coat is on loan from the Smithsonian Institute and is displayed in the exhibition, From "Dirty Shirts" to Buccaneers: The Battle of New Orleans in American Culture. The Official Website for all activities:

Activities on Thursday night include:

7:00pm - Free concert at Jackson Square by U.S. Marine Corp Band

8:00pm - Free fireworks over the Mississippi River