New Tree Houses Arrive at Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

Papaya Playa Project
Photo by Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project is expanding it variety of sustainable luxury accommodations thanks to an addition of new handcrafted treehouses. The beachfront property spans over half a mile along the shores of Tulum, Mexico, combining local Mayan culture and heritage with a luxury and sustainable resort.

The new treehouses were built at an eco-friendly workshop on site, designed to create a luxury accommodation where leisure travel and natural well-being can coexist in a comfortable and stylish setting. Handcrafted from local Zapote and recycled wood, the sphere of the treehouse rooms seamlessly assimilates into its jungle surroundings and offers views of the sea from just above the treetops. Location of the treehouses was designed to provide accessibility as well as privacy.

Private stairways lead to the treehouse’s bedroom, an indoor space that includes a meditation chamber and its own separate bathroom. Handcrafted wood interiors, textiles and local art adorn the rooms, integrating tropical culture with bohemian accents. 

Since Papaya Playa is one of the leading ecologically advanced properties in Tulum (mainly because has maintained 93 percent of the original jungle landscape in tact), the treehouses are purposefully raised so that the natural environment and native wild life will remain undisturbed. 

All furniture, supplies and décor of the resort are sourced locally to promote a genuine and continuous relationship with Tulum’s indigenous population. In other terms of sustainability, Papaya Playa does not use either gas or diesel generators, recycled wood can be found within all of the property’s structures, and Papaya Playa has begun using a new residual treatment plant which delivers clean water throughout the property after it’s been treated through reverse osmosis.

In addition to the new treehouses, Papaya Playa offers guests a variety of Casitas and Cabanas which blend interior-to-exterior living. The property also includes Casa Palapa, a private sea-front beach house featuring unique designs, located on the norther wing of Papaya Playa.

Onsite, Papaya Playa offers a Mayan-fusion beachfront restaurant, a day-to-night beach club, the Sian Water Sports Center & Kite Boarding School, the Playa’s Spa and a music and arts curation that partners with local foundations to produce music and arts events that support local causes.

Tree Houses are available to book starting December 15, 2016. Rates include amenities, complimentary breakfast, a welcome bottle of champagne, a bottle of wine during the stay, VIP bicycles, a complimentary massage and double occupancy accommodations. Call +52-(1)-984-871-1160 or e-mail [email protected].