Top Tips for Packing and Traveling With Children

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Jordana Woodland, CEO and Creative Director of Naked Princess, splits her time between running her global lifestyle brand in Los Angeles and raising her children in Whitefish, MT. From this she’s become a self-proclaimed expert in effective travel and packing tips from constantly flying coast to coast. Whether it’s with children, for a business trip or a just much-needed vacation Jordana has calculated her packing technique to a T, making packing, unpacking and navigating through the airport as effortless as possible.

For this article, however, we asked Jordana to list her top tips for packing and traveling with children. Here are her suggestions:

Jordana Woodland

Let them help you with the packing process: Let your kids pick what toys, games or books they’d like to bring on the plane with them. Sometimes as parents we’re tempted to simply pack their bags with what we think they will like on the trip. Don’t forget to include them in the process! They’ll feel more connected to and entertained by what they personally select to bring with them.

Healthy snacks: You never know what food will be available on the plane or in the airport, so packing some healthy snacks ahead of time saves you from having to rely on the overly processed (and priced) food that may be the only available option. Also, if you have a picky eater (like I do) it’s a necessity!

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Chargers: Don’t forget to bring multiple chargers! With the plethora of electronic devices that you bring with you on the flight, you don’t want something to die mid-flight with no way of reviving it. To be entirely honest, this is the one travel tip that I am the worst at following myself. Take it from personal experience…don’t forget your chargers!

Cord Wraps: I’m a bit of an organization freak (I love my label maker), so cord wraps are a must-have for me. I can’t stand when cords are strewn every which way getting tangled with one another. Cord wraps are the perfect solution for keeping tidy cords that are easily accessible and ready to use without any fuss.

Headphones: What a beautiful invention! Everyone can watch or listen to what they want to without disturbing anyone else around them. This is a must-have for when I travel with my kids. Trying to get a five-year-old and seven-year-old to agree on what movie to watch is a feat of monumental proportions, so headphones are indeed a blessing!

Baggies: I’m one of those people who pack bags inside bags inside bags. Keeping everything separated in their own clear baggie keeps your suitcase and carry-on tidy and organized.

Don’t get caught in the cold: Always pack a blanket, wrap or sweater in your carry-on bag. No matter how hot it is where you’re flying from or to, it gets cold on that plane!

Care for your hands: Keep them clean from germs with hand sanitizer (I love the Dr. Brommers lavender-scented spray) and then moisturize them with a travel hand cream (such as our Naked Princess Hand Crème).

Hydrate: Make sure that everyone drinks plenty of water! Bring empty travel water bottles to the airport and then fill them up before you get on the plane.

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