PNK Group set to debut new boutique hotel in California

We've heard that the PNK Group will open a new boutique hotel, BLVD. Hotel + Spa in Studio City, California on February 4 featuring 38 rooms, including two sun-soaked suites.

Echoing Los Angeles' fabled boulevards, BLVD.'s exterior boasts a creamy neutral palette evoking the rather subdued Southwestern style of the surrounding hillsides. Come nightfall however, BLVD slips into something more comfortable; deep blue lighting with a come-hither glow to be exact.

The ground floor will serve as both a lobby and a lounge, and the reception area, with its white stone veneered desk, and jewel-bright pops of orange, is an ideal bienvenue to guests. 

Nice Touch: Oversized mural graphics depict a stylized version of the Los Angeles skyline, presiding over the reception area and above the main bar.

BLVD. Hotel + Spa will also serve as respite to visitors as they traipse about to all sorts of attractions like the John Anson Ford Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl.