Prince William and Duchess Catherine to Visit New York City

Exciting news for fans of Britain's Royal Family: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Prince William and Kate Middleton) will visit New York City for three days next month to promote their new charity, United For Wildlife, and the Wildlife Crime Project.

The Daily Mail says it "seems likely" that the Royal couple will take 16-month-old Prince George with them. The Duchess is expecting her second child and is reportedly "very excited" about her first visit to the city – having been "desperate" to see New York since she was a young girl.

So where can we expect to see the Royals in Gotham? The itinerary has not been made public, but we wouldn't be surprised to see them taking afternoon tea at the London Hotel (it would be only apropos), or perhaps the New York Palace (if it's anything like Kensington Palace, they'll feel right at home). The President stays at the Waldorf=Astoria when in town, so it seems reasonable that the Duke and Duchess may select that hotel for their visit. Perhaps they'll take in a Broadway show and see if American theater is anything like the West End. (Maybe something thoroughly British, like Matilda or Sting's new musical The Last Ship.) If nothing else, we can hope they take some time to stroll through Central Park and compare it to Hyde Park...or Regent's Park...or any one of London's many parks.