Remote Lands’ Private Jet + LGBT News

Catherine Heald visits China frequently to scout out new hidden itineraries for clients.
Catherine Heald visits China frequently to scout out new hidden itineraries for clients.

Luxury Travel Advisor recently visited Catherine Heald, CEO and president of luxury Asian tour operator Remote Lands. Heald spent seven years living in Hong Kong, where she cultivated a passion for Asia. Over the last decade, Remote Lands has worked with a diverse clientele to create travel experiences in both major hubs and hidden gems across Asia.

Heald tells us that Remote Lands has designed a private journey in conjunction with Amanresorts. This October, eight couples will enjoy an 18-day trip, covering destinations in Bhutan, China, India and Sri Lanka. Nice Touch: The trip will be led by Heald. Travelers will visit the Great Wall of China, Beijing’s Forbidden City, Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan and more. They will also take a private cruise on China’s West Lake in Hangzhou and go on a safari, offering the chance to see a Bengal tiger (keep the cameras handy).

During their vacation, travelers will stay in Amanresorts accommodations, including the Aman at Summer Palace, Amanfayun, Amankora Thimpu, Amankora Paro, Amanbagh, Aman-i-Khas, Amangalla and Amanwella. Guests will travel between destinations on a private jet. Good to Know: All price quotes are in U.S. dollars. This trip sold out in six weeks, but a spring trip is also being organized and others are expected to follow.

The majority of Remote Lands’ journeys are client-customized. The company has designed itineraries for families, focusing on cultural immersion. These trips expose children to the local art, cuisine, history, language and religion. Other specialized tours, such as LGBT-friendly excursions, are currently being planned, and a potential trip to Southeast Asia is anticipated for mid-November.

If you don’t know where you want to travel, Heald says that lesser-known destinations are on the rise. Standouts include Burma, with its trending river cruises; Kyushu and Shikoku in Japan; and Borneo and Komodo in Indonesia.