Remote Lands Unveils Private Jet Journey

Boat on beachRemote Lands and Aman Resorts have announced the launch of their Trans-Asian private jet journey. Eighteen Guests will experience countries such as China, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka, all from the luxury of a private jet. Guests will stay at the eight Aman resorts in Beijing, Hangzhou, Thimpu, Paro, Rajasthan, Ranthambore, Galle and Tangalle, throughout their stay. 

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Travelers will begin their trip with welcoming drinks and a traditional Chinese music experience in the city of Beijing, before ending their journey in the sandy beach town of Tangalle in Sri Lanka. In between, guests will experience highlights such as: the Great Wall of China, access to Beijing’s Forbidden City, a private cruise along China’s Hangzhou West Lake, spotting for rare Bengal tigers, a Sri Lankan beach barbeque and a private tour of Galle’s ancient fort. Throughout their stay, guests will be treated to luxury cocktails, traditional culinary experiences and customary cultural events. 

The excursion lasts for eighteen days and takes place October 4-21.