Ritz-Carlton, Bali Adds Indonesian Restaurant

Ritz-Carlton, BaliHeads up, foodies: The Ritz-Carlton, Bali has introduced Bejana, a new signature Indonesian restaurant at the resort.

Bejana, from the Indonesian word for a traditional culinary vessel, presents a unique mix of five-star-flair and relaxed ambience. The space has a variety of indoor and outdoor seating with dramatic views of the resort and the Indian Ocean. Located on the upper cliff, the restaurant is open for dinner, welcoming guests and visitors alike. Bejana is also home to the Culinary Cave, a gourmet learning center allowing guests to discover Indonesian cooking through hands-on experiences with the chef. 

Designed by Burega Farnell, the restaurant sits on three different levels. The upper level houses the Culinary Cave, featuring an open kitchen with three cooking stations for learning and demonstrations, as well as a colonial style chef's table. A step down in the middle of the restaurant, guests will find a private dining room for 12, as well as several intimate tables especially designed for couples, with a romantic atmosphere complimented by a small garden and bar. The last level is set on an open-air wooden deck, with cozy lounges and casual outdoor seating. The intricate Balinese design was influenced by traditional elements from local craftsmen and creates an elegant environment with a rustic edge. 

The menu presents dishes from different regions of Bali and Indonesia, such as Soto Pesmol, a spiced coconut and seafood soup originally from Jakarta, and Bebek Betutu, a Balinese roast duck in Banana Leaf. Local inspiration is also reflected in the bar, where mixologists have re-crafted some of Indonesia's traditional beverages into special libations for guests. Bajjigur is a unique aromatic warm beverage from West Java, usually enjoyed on cooler, rainy days and sold from traveling carts. Bejana's spin captures the flavors and aromas of the original, with creamy coconut milk, sweet brown sugar, exotic warmth from ginger with hints of pandan leaf and lemongrass, but offers extra indulgence with the addition of Myers Rum and Malibu. 

Chef Made Suriana has created a farm-to-table experience at the Culinary Cave. Beginning with a visit to nearby traditional markets in the morning, guests will join Chef Made as he sources local ingredients. Guests then return to the resort and continue to pick and harvest herbs and spices from the resort's Chef's garden, and bring it to Bejana, where Chef Made teaches them how to prepare traditional Indonesian food in the Culinary Cave. The morning concludes with a lunch allowing the group to sample the dishes they have just created.