The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas to Unveil New Tequila Vault


Ritz-Carlton, Dallas Tequila BarThe Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, has announced that it will be unveiling a new a one-of-a-kind Tequila Vault on Friday, May 13, as an add-on to its Guacamologist Experience.

The new Tequila Vault is located in the hotel lobby and was custom-designed, with a motif on the mirrors of its artisanal front inspired by the pattern found on a female agave “piña” after it is harvested to be made into tequila. Inside, the vault holds a collection of rare and highly-valued spirits, including a prized Patrón en Lalique priced at more than $8,000. Only 100 bottles of Patrón en Lalique were ever produced.

Every evening at 6 pm in the hotel lobby, a “chef-guacamologist” prepares and presents a limited selection of hand-crafted guacamole made with Texas-sourced produce, accompanied by margarita tastings. After its unveiling, The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, Tequila Vault will also open nightly at 6 pm, where the “Guacamologist Experience” will introduce an added focus on prized tequilas and tequila education.

A collection of agave-based spirits, including the Tequila Patrón collection, Fearing’s signature Barrel Select Tequila and a range of mezcals (another spirit derived from agave) will all be included. In addition, all tequilas and mezcals kept in the vault will be available to order at the Fearing’s Restaurant Rattlesnake Bar or through tequila servers in the hotel lobby.

Each month the Vault will also be serving a specialty tequila or mezcal cocktail, presented each evening during and after the Guacamologist ritual, and available for purchase throughout the hotel’s other dining venues. Also, each month a high-profile bartender or spirts expert will be invited to host a specialty tasting of tequila or mezcal, and will create and present new specialty drinks while educating guests of the hotel and of Fearing’s Restaurant.