Rosewood Mayakoba Adds New Mayan-Inspired Spa Treatment

Rosewood Mayakoba's Sense, A Rosewood Spa, is launching the new Mayan Healing Hands spa experience on December 20. 

Guests have the opportunity to select one or more of the treatments, or participate in the full, half-day excursion. The experience begins with a private consultation with a shaman who determines the objective of the guest’s visit. Immediately following the consultation is a “Sunset Ceremony,” beginning with a salutation to the seven cardinal points accompanied by music from shells and maracas, burning of incense and Mayan chants. The shaman then performs an energy healing ritual and shares a mantra.

The third step in the Mayan Healing Hands experience continues with a private visit to a cenote, a a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath, in which a shaman guides the guest through a rebirthing ceremony. The cenote contains a natural blend of sulfur, silica, quartz and blue-green algae that has cleansing, detoxifying and restorative properties. An altar representing the traditional offerings to the gods is created using flowers, fruits, corn and seeds. Incense, music, and chants are performed during a guided meditation, and upon conclusion of the ceremony, the guest bathes in the cenote, symbolizing the “rebirth.”

To complete the experience, guests can have a 90-minute signature Mayan Healing Massage on a private lagoon island or a 60-minute Temazcal Journey that features a purifying bath. The bath’s steam is produced by herbal water and volcanic rocks, the combination of which is a powerful natural detoxifier that tightens and hydrates skin while providing a respite from stress. 

The cost for the full Mayan Healing Hands experience is $1,200 USD plus tax per person, and $1,500 USD plus tax for two people. Customization options are available including:

  • Private consultation with a Shaman ($150 USD plus tax)
  • Sunset Ceremony ($300 USD plus tax)
  • Visit to a Cenote ($695 USD plus tax)
  • Mayan Healing Massage ($250 USD plus tax)
  • Temazcal Journey ($150 USD plus tax)