2015 ULTRA Summit: How to Use Social Media and Content Marketing to Boost Your Brand (VIDEO)



During the Luxury Travel Advisor's ULTRA Luxury Summit, held at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, advisors and suppliers heard about ways the luxury travel industy was changing, but they also saw presentations on ways to boost their own brand, using social media and content marketing. 

Caitlin Domke, brand strategist from Newscred, spoke about the importance of content marketing as a way to connect with clients through stories versus traditional advertising. Here are some of her tips:

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  1. Start with a strategy; make sure to create a mission statement. The mission statement is like your guiding star when creating content, explains Domke.

  2. Create content that is aligned with your client’s journey; deliver the content that your audience wants.

  3. Share your content in a strategic manner and consistently publish quality content.

  4. Don’t forget to track your return on investment with a tool like Google Analytics or a professional company.  

Social media is another tool that both advisors and suppliers should take advantage of to boost their brand. JD Andrews, award-winning photographer and social media expert, gave some practical advice on the use of social media:

  1. Find your voice, and make sure to create a #hashtag for your brand or company and use it. Also, ask your clients to use your #hashtag when they are traveling.

  2. Be consistent. You can even use a scheduling device to help you post regularly.

  3. Don’t use your social media channels for just selling, or your channels will be look like spam. And as an added tip, remember: Facebook posts with images generate an estimated 53 percent more likes than solely text-based posts, explains Andrews. 

  4. Make sure to use the social media channels out there like Instagram and SnapChat.

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