Bob Malmberg Passes Away


I’m very sad to report on the passing of Robert Porter Malmberg of Malmberg Travel Companies. Bob, whose agency is based in Boston, was a true gentleman and one of the best “carriage” trade travel advisors out there.

Ruthanne Terrero
Ruthanne Terrero, CTC vice president–Content/editorial director

He absolutely delighted in pleasing his clients and would settle no less than for a completely customized itinerary for them. For example, meals on an African safari in the bush would include a client’s favorite scotch and paper napkins would have Malmberg Travel’s logo embossed on them.

I first interviewed Bob for the February 2008 cover story for Luxury Travel Advisor. It was that quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s and Bob and I ended up speaking on the phone for more than an hour; it felt like I was chatting with an old friend as he shared his views on luxury travel and how the industry has changed over the years. In 2015, I caught up with him again.

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Robert Malmberg
 Robert Porter Malmberg of Malmberg Travel Companies

Although he had just celebrated his 81st birthday he was as adamant as ever about providing only the best for his clients: “Unforgettable experiences are not just about putting ‘John’ on a camel, or having ‘Alice’ on an elephant to have her picture taken. It’s all about building memories to last a lifetime and we have a very large bag of ‘solutions’ to ensure those memories. Both before and after the actual journey, we see to it that the customer is prepared and has a ‘feeling’ of what to expect ... what he’s going to experience.”

We will miss Bob Malmberg but we’re happy to have known him.

Please share your memories of Bob below.

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