Five Secrets to Success: Jennifer Gillmore, Travel Beyond

Next in line for our “Secrets to Success” series is Jennifer Gillmore of Travel Beyond. Gillmore, who was featured in our 2016 Trendsetters issue, specializes in travel to Central and South America.

She has been with Travel Beyond for nearly four years but has sold South America for 14 years with Natural Habitat Adventures prior to that. Gillmore emphasizes knowing one destination as best as she can, and working with her colleagues when need be.

  1. Travel often—Whether for work or pleasure, travel often. Be a tourist and a student of the world. Return to the same places to build knowledge, spend time with the locals, and stay connected to new happenings.
  2. Don’t try to be an expert at everything—Know your passion and develop your specialty. Genuine enthusiasm speaks volumes.
  3. Be creative and make it personal—Listen to what the client is looking for, and be able to offer ideas they hadn’t even thought of. Look at each trip as a new opportunity to tailor accommodations, experiences, guides, etc. in line with the clients’ unique travel style and interests.
  4. Build relationships—With both the local DMCs and suppliers who represent you on the ground. The better they know you and your clients, the better care and personalized service they can provide.
  5. Value the strengths of your colleagues and coworkers—Tap into their knowledge and contributions to help make you look good.

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