Going Mobile


John Mcmahon

I always have fun sparking up conversations on ways we used to work 25 years ago. When I started my career, no one had desktop computers; instead, we had a pool of secretaries who typed everything for us (very Mad Men). No cell phone, I had a calling card to use at pay phones to call the office. Ask my kids today and they will tell you they don’t even know what a pay phone is. When the fax machine arrived, we were all amazed at what it could do. Now: The fax machine is a dinosaur, an anachronism that collects dust in the corner of the office.

Fast forward to 2011. The biggest change for me over the last year has been switching from my BlackBerry to my iPhone. I now have one device and, for the most part, rarely take my laptop when I travel. I take all my photos for the magazine on my phone; I have booked airlines seats, hotel rooms, theater tickets and restaurant reservations—from my phone; I never get lost now with its map capabilities; and I can even maintain my bank account. It goes on and on!  

In summary, my phone has now made my office mobile; I can do everything on the go. Most importantly, I can keep up with news and search the web the way I would on my desktop computer. When I do this, it’s always better if a website is mobile compatible to make viewing easier. And so, I am excited to announce that our website, www.luxuryta.com, has now gone mobile. As the leader in travel trade content, it’s only fitting that we are the first to provide information for luxury advisors on the go. I know this will now make you more productive and free you from your desk so you can do what we are most passionate about: travel. Many of you tell me how important Luxury Travel Advisor is to your business. Now, you can put our website in your pocket, and the world of luxury will never be out of reach.

If you don’t have a smartphone, go get one. It will change your life. It did for me.

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