Snow, Snow, Go Away...Maybe



So much for global warming. This winter has been brutal on most of the country. I think I have shoveled my share of snow and battled the commute to the office one too many times. Luckily enough, I haven’t been stranded in airports or runways, but I know a lot of you, as well as your clients, have. I do want my next job to be a weatherman. You get paid to be wrong most of the time. Imagine if you were that wrong? You would have no clients. What the snow is doing for you is making your phones ring. I hear more talk from consumers about “escaping,” “getting out,” and yes, “hitting the slopes.” Your job now is to take advantage of the winter blues and turn them into winter green. You may say it’s too late for this year and you are probably right. Thinking ahead, take some photos of the storm with timelines. As we go into the winter of 2015, remind your clients what last winter looked like and include a photo. That will be sure to motivate a decision to take a vacation. Record flight delays and cancellations have made a travel advisor as important as having ID to get through TSA security. One of the funniest comments I read was from a travel advisor, a Facebook friend, who told the story of a client that booked without her services and called to ask for help in rebooking due to a snow cancellation. She politely said she was too busy helping her paying clients! I laughed out loud. So let it snow, let it snow…It’s the best advertising you can ask for.

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