Technology Buzz: Google Promotes New Glasses; Partners with Fashion Company for Design Tips

Yesterday, the tech world was buzzing about Google's new glasses/computer hybrid, currently named Google Glass (not "glasses," perhaps because the tiny screen will only be over one eye?). New photos and videos were revealed demonstrating what Google Glass will be able to do when launched, and the early adopters are eagerly looking for ways to get their hands on the new toys.

And while there are plenty of ways Google Glass will be able to boost a travel experience (instant taking and sharing of photos, instant information about anything you look at, turn-by-turn directions that appear right before your eyes, etc.), no one can really say that the glasses are terribly…well, stylish. Cool, definitely, but fashionable? Not exactly. So what is a high-tech but fashion-conscious traveler to do? 

But fear not! The New York Times is reporting that Google is negotiating with Warby Parker, an e-commerce start-up company that sells trendy eyeglasses, to help it design more fashionable frames. Other plans include launching retail stores where potential customers can try on the glasses. At Fashion Week last year, models wore colored versions on the runway for Diane von Furstenberg, and the designer made a behind-the-scenes video wearing the glasses—a notable vote of support for the technology. Now, if Google partners with von Furstenberg, we may see some truly fashion-forward frames on the runways next year!


All photos from Google Glass Google+ page


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