Tourism Council of Bhutan Now Part of Virtuoso

Amankora, BhutanGiven Virtuoso’s recent 2012 Luxe Report—describing how travelers are seeking “authentic experiences in new destinations; rest and relaxation; and personal enrichment”—it’s only natural that the Tourism Council of Bhutan has joined the Virtuoso network. Closed to outsiders for centuries, the Kingdom of Bhutan has recently emerged as a “must” on savvy travelers’ bucket lists—for its pristine Himalayan landscapes and enduring cultural traditions.

Tourism has become a key initiative for the country, and the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) is focused on high-value, low-impact tourism. Sustainability is a top priority; tourism must be environmentally friendly and socially acceptable, while also helping the local economy. Contrary to popular belief, Bhutan does not limit its tourist arrivals, but instead requires a minimum daily tariff for all visitors, with visa applications submitted by a licensed tour operator. For more information about the Tourism Council of Bhutan, visit

The new partnership with Virtuoso will connect the country to Virtuoso’s 330 agencies and 7,200+ elite travel advisors. Also members of the network: two Bhutanese tour operators (Dharma Adventures Bhutan and Bhutan Safaris and Tours) and a Bhutanese resort group (Amankora).

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