Ultra On the Horizon

John McMahon, Executive Vice President/Group Publisher
John McMahon, Executive Vice President/Group Publisher

Do you live for now or the future? Take a moment to really think about that. Do you spend more time thinking about your day, or do you think ahead to what you need to do to succeed? It’s ok if you don’t, most travel advisors are in-the-moment thinkers. Scientists are futuristic with their thoughts. Their brains tend to function toward what’s to come, pondering over what is broken, the unknown, possible discoveries and how to fix things. Paleontologists are the opposite; they tend to live in the past. At Luxury Travel Advisor, we play in both worlds; we live to provide you with current luxury experiences and knowledge, which builds on the past. However, we also take pride in guiding you to the future. How do we do that? Well, we had a crystal ball, but we dropped it, unfortunately. So, three years ago, we created Luxury Travel Advisor’s Ultra Summit with the intent to bring together the brightest minds in the ultra-luxe travel space to explore the future, collectively. Each attendee is interviewed prior to the conference to identify challenges, trends and issues that they see are facing luxury travel. We then come together for futuristic education, conversations and collaboration. What we produce is a roadmap of our business. This year we will be at The St. Regis Monarch Beach, Dana Point, CA from May 22 to 24. It will be a perfect setting to bask in luxury and to think forward. If you’re not at Ultra, watch this space for some of our findings and observations to help you grow your business.

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