Virtuoso Meeting Hits Record High

LAS VEGAS- Virtuoso is hosting its first Virtuoso Week in Las Vegas this week at The Bellagio. While the event name is new, the gathering is not, it’s the transformation of what was Virtuoso Travel Mart, the annual event that brings together advisors and suppliers in four days filled with four-minute meetings.

This year, the luxury group is reporting record attending in both the advisor member and supplier categories. There are 4,000 attendees in all, with 1,843 advisors and 1,685 suppliers. Last year’s event saw 3,700 attendees.

This year, 85 countries are represented. It’s estimated that over four days, there will be 350,000 individual meetings between suppliers and advisors. Added up, that’s 4.2 million minutes, which is equal to eight years worth of meeting time.

Matthew Upchurch, chairman and CEO of Virtuoso, said that the event brings a quantifiable benefit to those advisors who attend: “We can now measure production by advisor and this measurement shows that advisors who attend Virtuoso Week sell an average of $250,000 more annually than those who do not. This equates to $450 million in annual sales from attendees.”

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