Secret Soiree: Parlor New York Opens in SoHo

Parlor New York

We know that New York doesn't really need any more exclusive nightclubs, but its essence of excess is what makes NYC so fun.

We've heard that Parlor New York has just opened in SoHo - a new invite-only club offering a free-for-all in luxe partying - if you get in that is.

Steeped in utter privacy, Parlor offers a candlelit, two-story restaurant/wine cellar channeling the Baroque era - so get ready to swill cocktails amid chiaroscuro style, vamping between light and shade.

The first 100 memberships are for family and friends of course, but the owners are on the prowl for additional partygoers that can sway in style - you can plead your case via the website conjuring every witticism and name-drop you can.

Once you're in, the romantic rendevous spot is yours for the taking - host a soiree however you want flanked by whoever you want.