Select Italy Launches Small Group Tours of Historic Sites

Heads up, Italy fans! Select Italy will be hosting a small group tour of the iconic Siena Cathedral. Numerous areas of this incredible structure are now available to the public after over 700 years of mystery.

For the first time, a tour centered around the never before seen secret walkways, concealed staircases and assorted balconies of the Siena Cathedral is available. Now through October 27, sections of this Gothic cathedral that were open only to the building's architects are now available to the public. 

In addition to Siena, Select Italy's tour of the Colosseum by Night is a twice-weekly one-hour visit to the iconic landmark in Rome from now until November 2. The Colosseum Dungeons and Upper Tiers tour is another 90-minute option that gives visitors bird's-eye views and chambers where once lions and gladiators prepared for battle.

And the Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries is a 75-minute guided tour of the historic building's hidden passageways and personal entrance to the palace's most legendary rooms. Visitors will get to see the council chambers and the Bridge of Sights, the Vasari Corridor and the New Prison along with the Torture Chamber.

Select Italy offers several unique small group tours that allow customers to experience unique aspects of various Italian cities in a whole new way. Through these small tours, travelers become immersed in history with special attention from their experienced guide for an unbelievable experience with private entrances to some of Italy's world-renowned, must-see sights.