The Serras in Barcelona Opens Next Month


The Serras The Serras from Design Hotels, will open next month in Picasso’s first studio. This hotel faces the ocean in central Barcelona and has 30 rooms. Picasso painted his famous Ciencia y Caridad in the present day hotel.

The building is from 1846 and has a Neo-Classical façade designed originally by Francesc Daniel. The interiors create a fresh, elegant feel and were designed by the Spanish designer Eva Martinez. Martinez used wood and iron to play upon the districts industrial past.

Serras is adopting a new approach to hosting. Each guest will be given a guest relations manager who will be the guest's personal contact at the hotel. The manager will coordinate the guest’s entire stay. Check-in and meal times will not have set times to give guests flexibility.  

The hotel restaurant will be under Chef Marc Gascons’ control. He is a Michelin-starred chef who will serve local foods in a relaxed environment.