Signature Owners' Meeting Day One: Focus on Tech

karen yeatesUnderscoring the importance of technology to agents,Signature Travel Network reports it is rolling out Phase 1 of its proprietary Customer Relations Management (CRM) technology program, Client Reach, to owners at its annual Owners’ Meeting this week. The program will be introduced to front line travel consultants at the upcoming Sales Meeting in November, Signature said.

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“Client Reach is designed to enhance travel consultants’ personalized engagement with their clients, while making communication increasingly easy and intuitive to implement. We have found that there is a lower likelihood of cancellation by clients who are engaged at a higher level - through frequent communication and multiple booking transactions (booking a cruise, then the pre and post hotels, then the shore excursions, etc.)” explainsKaren Yeates, Signature's Executive Vice President, Information Technologies.

“Client Reach utilizes Res Cards as its backbone. Improving usage and data quality of Res Cards is key to successful targeted marketing and an effective client relationship management strategy. Three of Signature’s Four Pillars of Success – key themes at this year’s Owners’ Meeting – are tied to Client Reach: Res Cards, cultivating email lists and technology tools,” Yeates said.

Client Reach allows Signature to set up a series of email messages customized for each traveler's unique experience. Through the information gathered from client Res Cards, Signature will have the opportunity to send (on the consultant's behalf) a series of customized emails, including: recommendations on how to utilize Signature's consumer technology, final payment reminders, welcome home messages, requests for referrals and surveys for feedback, Signature reports.

Consultants that accurately complete their Res Cards on a regular basis will be rewarded with these automatic messages to clients and will also have the opportunity to earn commission on any ancillary services that are booked by clients receiving these messages.

“I am very excited for Client Reach as it partners with our philosophy of enhancing our clients' vacation experience and deepens the client relationship. Client Reach will allow our consultants to spend their time more efficiently,” says Signature member, Cathie Lentz Fryer, President of CTA Travel.

Signature  said it will unveil additional projects within the next year, including a new hotel microsite and interface, a redesign of SigNet and an automation of CruiseTrack.