Signature Travel Network Wraps Annual Marketing Meeting

Signature Travel Network just wrapped up its Annual Marketing Committee Meeting in Los Angeles. While in session the consortium discussed new and existing marketing initiatives. Twelve nationwide members met with the Signature marketing team, which was led by VP of Marketing, Karryn Christopher.

Top Row: Phil Swartz, Holiday Cruises and Tours Tallahassee; Kelly Turnwall, Royal Cruise Adventures & Tours; Jeff Gordon, The Gordon Group; Michael Hannan, San Marin Travel; David Van Ness, All-Travel; Bill Knight, All Cruise Travel; Michael Ginsburg, Michael’s Travel Centre; Dan Ilves, TravelStore; Gary Stevens, Leaders in Travel, A member of Tzell Travel Group.

Bottom Row: Susan Reder, FROSCH Classic Cruise & Travel; Karryn Christopher, Signature; Vivienne Kouba, Journeys Peak Travel; Nicole Ruesch, Signature; Joyce Qualls, Classic Travel; Lindsay Harbinson, Signature.

Not Pictured: Tom Baker, CruiseCenter; Peter Carideo, CRC Travel; Olga Placeres, Preferred Travel of Naples; Steve Shulem, Strictly Vacations.