Six Senses Spa at Ninh Van Bay Announces Specialty Treatments

The Six Senses Spa at Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam has introduced a range of new treatments.

Said to pay homage to the healing practices of the Hmong and Dao indigenous tribes of Sa Pa Valley in Northern Vietnam is Vietnamese Wellbeing Journey. The experience begins with a scrub using Vietnamese green rice and is followed by a bamboo massage; during which suction cups and herbal poultices are used to stimulate the flow of blood and energy. Local herbs used in the poultices are grown in the spa’s organic garden and prepared according to an old Hmong healing recipe. These are complemented with Blanda and Penduliflora oils, harvested and hand-pressed by the indigenous tribes. This treatment is completed with a Reiki facial using jade, turquoise and rose quartz.

Six Senses Spa at Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam also features a session with local intuitive therapists, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung and Nguyen Duy Khanh. Blind from birth, they are believed to have healing hands, with their abilities enabling them to identify the cause of tension and provide desired relief through a combination of stretching, relaxation and energy balancing techniques. These treatments are now available all year round.

The Intuitive Foot Acupressure involves the application of pressure to reflex points on the feet, helping to treat specific ailments and restore the body to a healthy balance; while the Intuitive Healing Package begins with a one-hour massage tailored to specific needs and is followed by a session of Reiki or chakra balancing to achieve the body and mind balance.

There are also advanced beauty treatments. Following the launch of Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusions, the spa now offers four boosters, which are targeted additives that can be used alone or in combination with Daily Serum. Included are: Vitamin C+, Vitamin A+, Collagen+, and Antioxidant+.

Meanwhile, Supreme DHE Age is a new anti-ageing treatment and one of the latest preventative skincare developments from Ericson Laboratoire. It is designed for older women. The main component of DHE Age is the natural wild yam plant.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is located in a bay and overlooks the East Vietnam Sea. Accommodation in a Hilltop Villa is available per villa based on two people sharing.