Space Oddity: Rio Room Nightclub opens in Dallas

We've heard that a badass new nightclub has opened in the heart of Dallas, Texas that is one part space ship and three parts sex appeal: meet Rio Room.

The entrance is located in an off-the radar spot in a Travis Street parking lot - step inside and you'll discover mirrored walls, black lacquered banquets with gray leather seats, the silver sheen of poles and tables and of course, 25 bubble-esque lights bursting from the ceiling which are actually astronaut helmets.

 While the new spot is rather masculine, helmed by the same gentlemen of PM Nightlife Lounge, we still love that it looks like the lair of an intergalatic spy.

Retro Touch: We've heard that in addition to performances by psychedelic rapper Big Boi, Rio Room also boasts musical homage to old-school disco tracks.