Trendsetter: Amanda Davis, In the Know Experiences

This former mergers and acquisitions and securities law attorney has been a luxury travel advisor for four years, ever since joining Manhattan-based In the Know Experiences. 

And yet, Amanda Davis feels like she’s been planning travel forever. “I lived in Italy twice for extended periods in 1999 and 2009, so I became well-versed in planning extensive and frequent travel throughout Europe for myself and my husband and friends,” she tells us.

Now living in TriBeCa, Davis plans “lots of family travel and adult getaways for people I’ve met during different phases of my life — in college, high school, law school, camp, living in the city, through my children’s schools and activities, friends of friends and tons of referrals,” she says.

She has a bit of help with the family travel niche, with a husband, a seven-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son.

“My kids are ‘expert’ travelers at this point, and I love having them experience activities firsthand during our travels,” she says. “They put their stamp of approval on it, which is helpful for my clients, many of whom are families with young children.”

What does she like about working with In the Know Experiences? “It’s team-oriented, has a current vibe, and [the] advisors think out of the box,” says Davis, noting that her secret sauce is, “Being passionate about my profession, having a knack for getting to know my clients and understanding their preferences, and having traveled to nearly all the destinations where my clients want to go, sometimes multiple times.”

Plans are definitely to increase her business by getting more referrals, and traveling even more. Davis is back from Peru with Peru Empire, a boutique DMC based in Lima. “I loved their onsite experiences, meeting local people around Lake Titicaca. Next, I’m off to the South of France and Provence to check out Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel. In December, I’ll travel to Bhutan with Aman Resorts, and will then meet my family for a two-week trip in northern India.” 

How did Davis make the switch from attorney to travel advisor? “The company I worked at was cost-cutting and massively laying employees off, so I began looking for other in-house attorney positions at other companies,” says Davis. “After poring over attorney job descriptions, the legal field seemed increasingly less enticing to me than exploring a career as a travel advisor.” When she was introduced to In the Know Experiences, she promptly signed on as an independent contractor.

“The rest is history,” says Davis. “The skills that I possess from being a successful lawyer at a global law firm and a Fortune 500 company have made me a more skilled travel advisor.”

Trendsetter: Amanda Davis, In the Know Experiences

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