Trendsetter: Denise Wiggins, Wings Travel

A few years ago, Denise Wiggins began working with global health and wellness company Isagenix, a choice that quickly began reaping benefits. The change inadvertently put her in a multibillion-dollar industry “where people physically and financially transform.” The best part? “They feel so amazing and alive with a newfound zest for life and have this abundance of energy that they want to explore and travel everywhere.”

Now, also a wellness advisor and coach, Wiggins has been a travel advisor for five and a half years. When she joined Wings Travel, she came with a career history full of travel-related jobs, including: Associate director for the American Society of Travel Advisors (then, Agents); event director for Reed Travel Exhibitions; executive project manager for Design Craftsman, Inc., where she oversaw corporate and travel trade-show programs; and entrepreneur, when she traveled to a Philadelphia travel show and received a job offer from Wings Travel.

Wiggins says there is no doubt that her current success is due to her colleague Mitch Gordon. Gordon gave her “immeasurable hours of his time,” teaching her the intricacies of the travel business. “He is by far one of the most invaluable colleagues I have ever worked with and it is a pleasure to know we are a team, not only serving our clients with the highest service, but representing the industry, as well,” says Wiggins.

Since becoming a travel advisor, Wiggins has set herself apart from the competition with her willingness to experiment and learn. “I don’t hesitate to explore new avenues, new niches and new technologies to determine what I can [do to] serve my clients better,” Wiggins tells Luxury Travel Advisor. She learns what platforms they are communicating on and how they want to step up their travel. “Listening to my travel client heartbeat and learning the latest industry trends is key and they turn to me to be polished, updated and in-the-know,” she says.

Still, Wiggins has plans to increase her business. She tells us social media and cross-business pollination are key. She also is working on hosting networking meet-ups, taking more FAM trips, asking for referrals and increasing her professional development.

At her current position, Wiggins organizes travel for clients of all ages: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials. While she also sells adventure, cultural and mission-based travel, she says the biggest percent of her business comes from her wellness clients. 

Wiggins believes it’s her personal brand, business success and care for the customer that led to her selection as a trendsetter. “I treat clients as if the universe centers on them,” she says. This tells us the care pays off, with customers recommending her and providing more business. She sees her clients as family and treats them likewise, meeting them where they’re at and honoring their wishes. “We laugh, we cry and we celebrate life together.” 

Trendsetter: Denise Wiggins, Wings Travel

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