Do You Have What it Takes?

Not everyone is cut our to be a successful travel advisor. (Image: masterzphotois/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

“Many friends have asked me how they could do what I do,” Wiggins says. “I ask them, ‘Are you willing to spend precious time to earn money and manage your expectations while doing so?’  What I mean by this is you have to have realistic goals and understand information overload could weigh you down and due to the nature of the industry—it's fast-paced—you best buckle up for the ride and don't plan to get off anytime soon if you really wish to do justice in being a superior travel advisor.” 

If that doesn’t paint a clear picture of what it takes to become a Trendsetting advisor, we asked everyone for what type of person is best set up for success in the industry. Here are their thoughts: 

Wiggins: “It is my belief a person who has a positive mindset, enjoys both adventure and being spontaneous, and sees the world as an open book has the right starting points. I feel a person who loves to share and serve others brings a natural level of ‘How can I assist you in having the best trip possible?’ Being proactive is key and being acutely detailed demonstrates professionalism. But the highest one to me is and will always be integrity; it is what I have been told numerous times, ‘Your integrity and transparency mean everything to us.’" 

Bowne: “I think that someone with problem-solving skills, is able to multitask, has attention to detail and, most of all, someone who is passionate about travel is ideal. It seems very glamorous and comes with great perks looking in from the outside (which it does!), but being a successful agent is a lot of details and a lot of ‘nonglamorous’ grunt work, dedication and non-income-generating/time-consuming follow-up. My friends and family say most people have no idea how hard you work!” 

Federico: “A successful travel advisor should be patient, confident, creative, a good listener, detail-oriented, adaptable and love the industry enough to work seven days a week!” 

Cohen: “Obviously, one needs to love to travel and see the world. … Attention to detail is also very important. I want to make sure that my clients do not have to worry about anything once they start their trip. I confirm and reconfirm to be sure that everything will be in order. However, since everything will not always go to plan, being able to think quickly and problem-solve is helpful as well. Being a good listener is also very helpful in the travel industry. As agents, we have many different clients with different wishes and ideas for their travel. Being able to listen carefully and then plan the right trip for that individual client is essential for that client to have the best travel experience.” 

Do You Have What it Takes?

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