Don’t Be Afraid to Change Careers

Many advisors don’t grow up in the industry or knowing it’s what they want to do. (Image: BrianAJackson/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

It’s good to know many advisors don’t grow up in the industry or knowing it’s what they want to do “when they get older.” Many are looking for something to keep them occupied when their kids enter school or after they’ve retired from their previous careers; others are looking to make a wholesale change in their profession mid-career.  

“I had been a stay-at-home mom while my children were young, spending time on the boards of the schools and various charities. Once they were in school full-time and I was reducing my involvement with the outside interests, I wanted to do something more,” Stacey Loftus Cohen of Royal Travel & Tours in Chicago tells us. In a previous life, she worked as an attorney for a large Chicago firm but did not want to return to that life.

In fact, another of our cover stars, Protravel International's Josh Alexander, dropped everything at his law firm and joined the travel industry when he saw the value an advisor can offer after he booked a trip through one. He tells us he was unhappy with his career in law and was seeking more from life. Things changed when a friend gave him a list of five travel agencies and people to speak with who could teach him more about the industry.

Cohen adds, “I love to travel, and I would put together extensive itineraries of my trips. And due to word of mouth and social media, friends and friends of friends would ask me about my travels, ask for recommendations and ask for the itineraries. It seemed clear to me that planning travel in an official capacity would be a natural transition.” 

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Careers

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