Trendsetter: Florence Brethome, TravelStore

It’s year 18 at TravelStore for Florence Brethome and she is doing better than ever, pulling in more than $1 million in annual revenue for the Los Angeles-based agency. 

Brethome sells unique, tailor-made itineraries to destinations all over the world, with her niche being honeymoons and destination weddings.

Florence Brethome, a France native, has been with TravelStore for her entire career as a travel advisor, and she feels right at home.

“TravelStore has everything I wish to find in a work place,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “Each employee cares deeply about the quality of service provided to each and every client, about our reputation and the future ahead. I not only found a family at TravelStore, but a workplace giving me every possible opportunity to grow and develop myself.”

In fact, TravelStore is what brought Brethome over to the United States in 2000 when she took an internship assisting Katie Cadar, the director of leisure sales at the agency. Early on at TravelStore, Brethome decided to focus on honeymoons and destination weddings. Nowadays, she also focuses on customized itineraries designed to suit any traveler.

“Besides custom-made honeymoons and destination weddings, my niche truly resides in my clients and their travel identity,” she says. “What travel experience will suit them, and them only? There is not one travel itinerary matching another, because every human being is different. It’s all about understanding my client’s travel personalities, foreseeing their travel needs and exceeding their expectations.”

After almost two decades, Brethome is still passionate about serving her clients, and she believes that is one way she sets herself apart from the competition.

“I care deeply in what travel can bring in my clients’ lives. I will focus and shoot for creating itineraries that will have the right impact on them, whether it is about opening minds or educating through travel, while making their dreams a reality,” Brethome says.

When she is not crafting tailor-made vacations for her clients, Brethome devotes her time to guiding young travel advisors to success. For the past four years, Brethome has run a mentoring program for TravelStore that recruits and trains young professionals.

“At a time when the travel industry really struggles in renewing their workforce, I have taken it upon myself to find these rare ladies and gentlemen capable of becoming the luxury travel advisors of tomorrow and show them the way,” Brethome says.

“As many of our current, top-producing advisors will sometime soon step back and slow down, it is crucial for me to ensure their brilliant knowledge, expertise and understanding of the travel industry is passed on. I thrive in witnessing my new talent advisors grow in their professional life,” she adds.

Looking ahead, Brethome says she has a number of destinations in her travel plans, including Iceland, East Africa, Croatia and France. She also wants to go somewhere new in the United States.

“I try to visit a new U.S. state every year, I feel like it is a way to say ‘thank you’ to the U.S.A. for adopting me 18 years ago! There is so much to see and do right here at home,” she tells us.  

Trendsetter: Florence Brethome, TravelStore

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