Forgoing Luxury in Search of “Authenticity”

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It’s clear that luxury travelers are looking for new and adventurous destinations. One issue that they might face is the lack of five-star properties and services in some of these up-and-coming locales. So, we wanted to know, does that mean these clients are willing to forgo luxury for an “authentic” travel experience—and just how much are they willing to give up? 

A perhaps surprising 60 percent of advisor said yes, their clients are OK with sacrificing luxury for an authentic travel experience. “My clients are willing to take an extra connection, drive a little further and take a helicopter to get there, to get an authentic and less touristy experience,” one advisor tells us. 

But what luxuries can’t they go without? Here’s what advisors told us: 

“They are willing to give up Western dining and five-star hotel amenities. They won’t give up great coffee, quality dining, efficient air conditioning, in-room Wi-Fi and a great room view,” one says. 

“They will not give up personal privacy or personal service. They are willing to forgo a five-star hotel as long as the experience is exactly what they want,” says another. 

“Most will stay in a property that is a four-star instead of a five-star to have the ability to interact with locals. However, they are still hoping for exclusivity and to have their bragging rights,” a third advisor tells us.  

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