Trendsetter: Jean Campbell, FROSCH Travel

Jean Campbell, a luxury travel advisor with Frosch Travel, garners $1.5 million a year in revenue. A recent transplant to Washington State via Texas, Campbell lives between Seattle and Vancouver. “As I settle in, I am loving the cooler weather, as well as the sight of the mountains and the ocean, being able to see both almost every time I leave the house,” she says.

Campbell’s specialty is creating custom FITs. “This can be very challenging, but also very fulfilling,” she says. Campbell is currently working on trips for three-generation families, honeymooners, couples celebrating milestone anniversaries and solo travelers. “It really does tend to run the gamut,” she says.

A large percentage of her clients are high-end luxury travelers, but she also works with moderate budgets.

“There isn’t one version of any client anymore,” she says. “It’s important to assess each request, to hear what the client wants and how they want to experience the destination.” She has some clients who can afford the best but who at times choose to travel moderately to give their children a “reality check.” Then, there are more modest travelers who will go all out for some of their vacations.

“I think it’s important not to assume that everything will always stay the same,” she says.

Campbell hails from the Highlands of Scotland, just north of Inverness. “I grew up on a farm and loved the freedom and space. Spending time outdoors, observing and being around the animals was something I always enjoyed,” she says.

Campbell, of course, sells Scotland (and all of the U.K. and Ireland); her most recent visit back home was to “the beautiful Shetland Islands, plus a much-too-short stop in Ireland.”

She’s been a travel advisor for 24 years and with Frosch for more than 16. “I enjoy the support of the agency, but I also love the autonomy that we are afforded,” says Campbell.

“There’s a great sense of pride that goes with being part of an agency whose commitment to a very high level of customer service is without question.”

Campbell for many years planned only custom independent African photographic safaris and still sells the continent as often as possible. “There are so many wonderful trips within Africa; no matter how many times you go, there is always something else to see, or see again. If you were to just focus on Southern and East Africa for example, a relatively small area of the continent, there’s a lifetime of travels awaiting,” she says. Southeast Asia is another part of the world that she enjoys visiting and selling. “India is another fantastic country with so much to see and do, and so much variety to experience,” she says.

So what’s Campbell’s secret to success? “I was taught growing up to take pride in even the most menial task when it came to doing my job. Most of my positions were largely customer service-related and, over the years, I think I have learned to really understand and embrace a service mentality. Beyond the logistics, our business is heavily reliant on customer service, whether it’s developing relationships with our clients, partners or industry colleagues; it’s all about relationships and trust,” she says.

Trendsetter: Jean Campbell, FROSCH Travel

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