Trendsetter: Katie Frederick Jacobson, SmartFlyer

Katie Frederick Jacobson, the owner of Ever After Honeymoons, pulls in $4 million a year as an affiliate of SmartFlyer. Based in Newport Beach, CA, she’s an expert in romance travel with complex itineraries. “Many of my clients will take longer honeymoons visiting multiple destinations, often combining city, adventure and beach destinations,” she says, noting that Mediterranean countries are popular, as are African safaris, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

It doesn’t end there. Jacobson typically continues to plan travel for her newlyweds as they move along in life; it’s not surprising, then, that she is planning more and more family travel these days. Her clients are all over the United States and tend to be younger professionals.

Jacobson launched Ever After Honeymoons in January 2009, after graduating college (a semester in London sparked her interest in travel) and working for a consulting company for a few years. She’s been with SmartFlyer for six years, where she’s been growing her business with her own independent contractor network; she even recently hired a full-time employee.

“We will be expanding our marketing efforts to encourage current clients to travel more and also reach new clients,” she says.

She truly enjoys the SmartFlyer relationship because everyone is always so willing to help each other, she says. “SmartFlyer is constantly working to improve and finding better ways to support the team. I love the creative, innovative community it provides.”

Jacobson travels a lot to add to her knowledge base and she’s blatantly honest with her clients as to what they’ll like and not like. “My clients really appreciate my insight and trust my recommendations,” she says. “I think through the logistics of trips, the overall flow of the itinerary with the destinations and hotels, and want to make sure the entire travel experience is as good as possible.”

To fuel her skills, she is constantly networking with hotels, which benefits her clients. “They are always receiving upgrades, special amenities and personalized service. I think these are the key reasons why clients continue to work with me and also why I receive so many client referrals,” she notes. Most of them share a similar style of travel, and they really trust her personal taste and recommendations, she tells Luxury Travel Advisor.

She credits part of her success to her use of Instagram, which helps her to reach new customers and to inspire existing clients to travel to new and interesting places. 

Recent research trips include two weeks in Italy, starting in Lake Como and ending in the Amalfi Coast. Venturing to Japan with several other SmartFlyer advisors on a trip planned by Remote Lands is also in the works. 

“I really admire the way Katie thinks through her trips,” says Erina Pindar Chamberlain, managing director of SmartFlyer. “Katie designs her clients’ travel in such a thoughtful and holistic way; she considers every single element, from the time the sun sets to the best restaurant for the evening, to the placement of the room to best match the client’s preferences, which yields the most optimal travel experience possible. No details are too small and every trip is important, and she always finds special ways to make the trip personal to the guests.”  

Trendsetter: Katie Frederick Jacobson, SmartFlyer

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