Trendsetter: Kim Vetter, LUXE Travel

Kim Vetter of Luxe Travel takes her clients’ happiness personally, and that level of dedication is what sets her apart from the competition. The travel advisor of 33 years is always ready to satisfy her customers’ needs.

“I try to plan as if I’m traveling with my client because in some ways I am. No matter what happens throughout their trip, I’m basically with them — just a phone call, text or e-mail away. It’s very personal to me that they are having a fantastic experience,” she says.

For Vetter, it goes beyond a business relationship.

“My clients are both old friends who I’ve been working with for many, many years or new friends recommended to me by my old friends,” she tells us. “I have an almost immediate personal attachment to my new clients because we so often have mutual friends who have recommended me to them. Being able to build my client base this way has been so rewarding.”

Vetter has been with Luxe Travel for eight years, where she sells luxury FIT travel and cruises, generating $2 million in annual revenue for the agency. 

At Luxe, she started as the corporate managing director, but she said the company quickly realized they needed to build up their leisure department. That’s when Vetter stepped up.

“I took a leap of faith and moved forward as the director of leisure. After a couple of years of blood, sweat and tears, we built ourselves an outstanding and successful leisure department, which I now head as vice president,” she says.

According to Vetter, she and her colleagues at Luxe are a close-knit group — all due to the challenges they’ve faced, which have made the company what it is today.

“Luxe was formed 10 years ago by a group of travel professionals from all over the industry. Many of us had known one another throughout our careers and when the opportunity to create and grow an agency from the ground up presented itself, it was exciting and challenging,” Vetter notes. “The challenges of starting and growing the business together to what we are today has formed a very strong and committed team.”

As an industry veteran of more than three decades, Vetter emphasized that building connections with others is a key to thriving in this business. “My success stems from my important and meaningful vendor relationships that I have cultivated throughout the years, which not only assists and takes care of my customers, but builds my destination and product knowledge,” she says.

When she’s not planning travel for others, she is going on her own adventures. 

“I just returned from a two-week European river cruise with 60 of my dear “Joyful Tours” traveling friends,” she says. “Our group travels together once a year to destinations all over the world. We have walked the ancient pyramids of Egypt, to the exotic lands of Vietnam, [and] from the base of amazing waterfalls of Iceland to the top of Machu Picchu.”  

Trendsetter: Kim Vetter, LUXE Travel

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