Louis Sailer, The Leela Palace New Delhi

Louis Sailer (far left)
General Manager,
The Leela Palace New Delhi

At The Leela Palace New Delhi in India, we continue operations for our few remaining long-staying, in-house guests, while some of them managed to depart on repatriation flights. We are also housing a 100-staff-strong team in our guestrooms since the curfew was announced. The purpose is for them to avoid travel, as road access is restricted to special permit holders and essential personnel across India during this time. I am at the helm with my team every day and besides taking care of our guests and staff, we maintain our facilities and are participating in charity work. Thus far, we have supported government efforts by supplying and distributing 2 x 100 weekly ration packages to the community in need, with more cycles to follow.

At present, we are prepping one full hotel wing for doctors and medical staff from a nearby hospital. This is our contribution to the frontline staff fighting this crisis. Having worked in China during the SARS crisis, we actually implemented all cautionary sanitation and thermal-scanning procedures well in advance than everyone else, when the first cases were reported in India. That’s it, in a nutshell, for now. Wishing everyone, their families, friends and colleagues, good health and to stay safe.

Louis Sailer, The Leela Palace New Delhi

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