New Products Have You Excited

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Oversaturation of products can be a good thing for advisors; they have the ability to narrow down tour operators, hotels and more for their clients. But it’s always to stay on top of what’s available. Here’s what the ULTRA advisors are excited about: 

“I’m really excited about the curated, local experiences hotels are incorporating into the stay," one advisor says. "This really helps create a sense of place. Whether it’s a special bar cart presentation, cheese maker, local craft brew or local artisans, they are really bringing ‘local’ into the luxury experience.” 

Agreeing, another advisor says, “I am really excited about the expanded focus on a ‘sense of place’ across the board.”

A third tells us, “The continued move to smaller ships for cruises, increased awareness of trains and I think Celebrity EDGE will have an impact on the cruise industry, like W did for hotels.” 

What’s also good to know, 63 percent say they’re open to working with new suppliers. There are some things advisors are looking for from their supplier partners: 

  • A command of the destination/property they represent
  • Attention to details 
  • A good reputation with other trusted advisors 
  • Honesty/transparency 
  • Quick response time 
  • Who listen to their clients and don’t push other ideas on them 

“I want a true partner,” one advisor tells us. “Some suppliers are actually calling my booked clients and trying to get them to cancel and rebook (directly).” In a discussion, several other advisors noted they’ve experienced this. The consensus? Advisors have to let their clients know that certain brands may try to do this but, ultimately, it’s the advisor’s job to prove to their clients why booking through them is best option (in addition to getting special amenities or upgrades, an advisor is available 24/7 to their clients should anything go wrong). Have these conversations with your clients if need be. 

(Note: If you’re looking for new, rock star suppliers to expand your network, check out our new Road Warriors series; each was nominated by Luxury Travel Advisor’s 2018 Trendsetters). 

New Products Have You Excited

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