The Search for New (Adventurous) Destinations

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Finding the next great destination is often a goal of luxury travelers. We asked the advisors what new destinations they were selling.  

Their responses spanned the globe, but many seemed to have one thing in common: The ability to have adventurous or active excursions. This follows suit with the findings of Virtuoso’s recently released Luxe Report for 2019, which said the No. 1 travel trend for families is active or adventurous trips

Top new destinations include: 

  • Oman 

  • Malaysia 

  • Mongolia 

  • Java 

  • Nepal 

  • Greece 

  • Dolomites, Italy 

  • Fiji 

  • Pantelleria, Italy 

  • Anguilla 

  • Finland 

  • Petra, Jordan 

  • Portugal 

  • Scotland 

  • Switzerland 

  • Rwanda 

  • Patagonia 

  • Cuba 

  • The Arctic and Antarctica 

  • Chile 

  • Namibia 

  • The Maldives 

  • Galapagos 

  • British Columbia, Canada 

  • Dubai 

  • Iceland

The Search for New (Adventurous) Destinations

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