Trendsetter: Tiffany Bowne, Lounge Couture, an independent affiliate of All Star Travel Group

Tiffany Bowne is pioneering a new approach to launching a luxury travel agency in a new market. 

“While assisting in launching an All Star Travel office in Newport Beach, I chartered a new idea with David Odaka, which was an unusual concept between an IC and an agency owner to work together in this way,” Bowne says. That includes some new and different tactics to letting the city know that Bowne and All Star Travel Group exist there now. 

“I do monthly articles for local magazines, have immersed myself in the social society circles, hosted collaborative events and participated in exclusive networking groups,” says Bowne. She has also sourced All Star Travel Group-exclusive promotions that have served as a new revenue resource for both the agency and its hotel partners. 

Next up, Bowne plans to bring in additional travel advisors to handle the agency’s growth and support more new business. “I’m really collaborating within my circle of clients and creating alternate revenue streams,” she says. 

Bowne says that it is her service to her clients that sets her apart, an approach that builds on her background, working for top commercial photographers and directors, coordinating proposals and photo shoots for ad campaigns and magazines. That job involved traveling all over the world with high-profile clients, participating in location scouts, shoots, movie premieres and press events. 

“I learned what high-profile individuals need in terms of service and when they are traveling abroad,” Bowne says. “Eventually, I co-produced a documentary on child soldiers in Uganda. I went on to assist a high-profile CEO and his family coordinating their lavish lifestyle.”

It was then, Bowne says, that she realized that her unique asset was catering to the wealthy and well-traveled, which led to stints at two more private concierge companies before launching her own lifestyle management and boutique travel company, Lounge Couture, in 2007. After that, she walked into All Star Travel to learn Sabre and became an “official” travel advisor. 

“My clients keep coming back and my base grows because I personally care for each client, big and small,” Bowne says. “I sell all travel — corporate and leisure — and the high touch remains the same.”

In addition to her clients, Bowne also respects her relationships with vendors and other travel advisors. “I think, among my peers, I’m known to offer any help or advice, even to my competitors, especially in those times when there isn’t a guidebook for certain situations,” she notes. 

Bowne says she really shines, however, on those occasions when things go awry. “I think that there is higher retention of clients when my experience has an opportunity to shine and problem-solving skills save the day!” she says. “Those times are when my clients value me most.” 

Trendsetter: Tiffany Bowne, Lounge Couture, an independent affiliate of All Star Travel Group

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