Trendsetter: Alicia Hanus, Direct Travel Luxe

Alicia Hanus
Direct Travel Luxe

Alicia Hanus has only been selling travel for four years, but that hasn’t prevented her from standing out at Direct Travel Luxe. As a luxury leisure sales associate at the agency, Hanus’ tireless work ethic, empathy and confidence has helped her forge her business; she uses those skills to find success in other aspects of life as well. 

“I am a Millennial who has experienced cross-industry success, the modern day entrepreneur,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “I have two careers: that of a six-figure-earning hair stylist / certified hair colorist and my burgeoning career as a travel advisor. To be successful in these fields, I’ve had to dedicate myself to mastering a specific skill set while remaining grounded in the basic truth that customer service is number-one. I’ve learned that if I provide exceptional customer service, financial success undoubtedly follows.”

Hanus believes a travel advisor’s clients are a reflection of the agent themselves, noting that her own clients are successful, passionate people looking to make the most of the free time they have to explore the world. In return, she strives to help them “elevate their travel game.” 

Hanus also credits some of her career success to her remarkably good memory, going on to say that she retains as much information as possible about a client. It might seem as though she has a “magic intuition” when really she has just been paying close attention to detail. It also helps that Hanus doesn’t limit herself to a specific niche when selling travel.

“At this point in my career, I feel as though having a niche would impede my ability to serve my current and future clientele. I prefer to say that I specialize in luxury, which is purely subjective. To some it might mean that exclusive private island getaway and to others it could mean a run with Maasai warriors followed by a lunch in the bush. My job is to find the right partners to make it happen,” says Hanus. 

When she isn’t selling travel, Hanus is an avid runner and frequently trains for marathons. Her favorite run this year was along the Danube in Budapest, finishing with a couple of loops around Margaret Island. She also enjoys traveling in her personal time, naturally. Her last trip was an AmaWaterways river cruise on the Danube with her best friend. She also notes that river cruising is a great way to travel and predicts that the industry will see more Millennials choosing to travel this way in the coming years.

So what’s next for Hanus?

“Next spring, I will be returning to Kenya with Micato Safaris. I was lucky enough to travel with them on what was a life-changing journey this past year and cannot wait to share East Africa’s magnificence with my husband and friends.”

Hanus currently resides in Palatine, IL with her husband and two dogs. 

Trendsetter: Alicia Hanus, Direct Travel Luxe

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