Trendsetter: Alisa Cohen, Avenue Two Travel

Alisa Cohen
Avenue Two Travel

Alisa Cohen makes our prestigious list in only her second year as a full-time travel consultant.

That’s what happens when your sales revenue increases by 130 percent in one year.

“I think that my clients come to me because they trust me,” says Cohen, who specializes in luxury family travel, as well as celebration travel. “Most of my clients have never worked with a travel agent before, and they started working with me because they trust my style. I have also made myself very available to my clients and work on their timetable, which usually means talking with them on nights and weekends. It is important for me to have that boutique feel, and for my clients to feel like they are getting my complete attention.”

Cohen may not have started her career in travel, but the travel bug was certainly in her genes.

“My father was in the travel industry, so I had the travel bug for as long as I can remember and I would often travel with him on his work trips,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “I remember my first ‘site visit’ was at the George V in Paris when I was four years old — talk about starting at the top.”

And when she wasn’t learning about the world of travel from her father, in the classroom Cohen studied economics and earned a master’s degree in urban planning. 

“With these degrees, I worked in the corporate world in economic feasibility analysis for over 10 years,” she says. “This corporate background taught me to be extremely detail-oriented and how to manage client relationships.”

Armed with a background in dealing with clients in the corporate world, Cohen decided to finally take the plunge into something she flirted with for years and began planning trips for friends and family before she was convinced she can be successful as an advisor.

“I had always loved planning my own travel, as well as all travel for my friends and family. About two years ago, I decided to begin my own career in the travel industry and launch my brand, Luxe Traveler Club,” says Cohen. “Although I wish I had made the career change earlier, the timing was right and I was able to be extremely driven to build my brand, business and client list.”

And although her spike in revenue in just one year is impressive, it’s not the only reason Cohen made our list.

“Over the past year, I have shared several personal trips on social media that include, among others, a girlfriend getaway, a romantic vacation with my husband, travel with my young children and a large multigenerational vacation,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “I post often to my social media accounts when I travel, and quite often I have clients come to me wanting the exact same vacation because my pictures made it so easy for them to imagine being there themselves, with their own friends, husband, kids, etc.” 

Trendsetter: Alisa Cohen, Avenue Two Travel

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