Trendsetter: Ania Wroblewska, Classic Travel

Ania Wroblewska
Classic Travel

“When I started as a ‘baby agent’ at Classic Travel a bit over two years ago, I did not know how I was going to make it. I did not have wealthy friends, I did not grow up in the U.S.A., so we did not have family friends who could be my first clients; therefore, I knew it would be super hard at first,” Ania Wroblewska tells Luxury Travel Advisor. Within those two years, however, she has certainly achieved success, earning $2 million in revenue annually. 

Before becoming a travel advisor, Wroblewska worked as a lawyer for 10 years, but that was too rigid a job and she had little time to travel. She’s quite pleased with the switch in careers and feels prepared for anything that comes her way. “Somehow, no travel emergency arises to the stress of being yelled at by a cranky judge in court,” she says.

Today, she loves the camaraderie in her office and credits her colleagues for helping her ease in to her new role. “Before working at Classic, I could not imagine actually wanting to go to work,” she says. “Sundays were a depressing day for me because I dreaded going to work on Monday. Now I love bouncing ideas off my colleagues and sharing in their client successes.”

Wroblewska, who admits she is an avid list maker, sells mainly leisure, and excels in extended, highly planned group itineraries where almost every minute of the trip is scheduled. “These trips require an insane attention to detail that would drive some crazy, but as a former lawyer who made daily to-do lists and had to carefully read every sentence, I thrive in these types of trips,” she says. 

Wroblewska was born in Poland and moved to New York City in 1993. She considers herself a full-fledged New Yorker, but says she loves to go back to visit her home country.

“During my childhood in Poland, international travel was pretty much impossible for most people. Thanks to the communist control, citizens were not allowed to even have a passport at home. So my first international trip happened after communism fell and a few years before I moved to New York City, in 1991, when my mom and I went to Sochi, Russia, for the summer,” she explains. However, Wroblewska says her travel bug managed to be born despite the restrictions, as her father was an archeologist by trade and often traveled around Poland visiting and overseeing various historical objects. “He often took me with him and I loved those trips. I got to explore my country more than a lot of regular people, visit a ton of museums and sit in on meetings with local historians, architects, etc. I found it all fascinating.”

Wroblewska is putting the finishing touches on a luxury travel blog she hopes to take live by the end of the year. It will encompass where to stay, the best hotels, restaurants, sights and activities around the world. She is also working on expanding her business reach in Poland, as there are currently Virtuoso agencies there. 

Trendsetter: Ania Wroblewska, Classic Travel

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