Trendsetter: Cally Pirrung, Jet Set World Travel

Cally Pirrung
Jet Set World Travel

Cally Pirrung has vaulted to trendsetter status at Jet Set World Travel with her unique sense of fun, insatiable curiosity and extensive destination experience. No itinerary detail is too small for the specialist in honeymoons and high-end luxury adventure travel, who says she is sure to keep a close eye on the order of the hotels, destinations, activities and restaurants outlined in her clients’ itineraries. 

“This is something I always pay attention to and question our DMCs on when I do not agree with the way they always or typically do things,” says Pirrung. “I always like to provide unique and eye-opening experiences at the right time and work my clients’ way as they travel to the most meaningful and luxurious experiences.”

That personal touch has brought big dividends. The vast majority of Pirrung’s clients come by word of mouth or referrals — a sure sign of satisfied clients — with recommendations coming through friends, family friends, family, and her clients’ extended personal and professional networks. While honeymoons are her biggest market, Pirrung also organizes multigenerational and family trips throughout the year. 

“The majority of my clients are those that, of course, enjoy a great beach, but need more purpose and adventure during their travels, so I am often designing itineraries that have a perfect combination of both,” says Pirrung, who brings in about $800,000 in sales annually.

Being part of a smaller agency also gives Pirrung plenty of opportunities to stay focused on her clients’ needs. “I love the energy of Jet Set and our amazing team, especially our leader, Julia Douglas,” says Pirrung. “Being a small team, we are given so many great opportunities and are truly able to have a hands-on approach to our learning. Although we are smaller in size, we are just as effective as a larger agency.”

Pirrung says that travel is in her DNA, dating from the time spent traveling with her family while growing up, through three semesters abroad while attending the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce for a degree in marketing and international business, to, of course, her career in luxury travel. In all, she had visited 56 countries as of the end of September 2017. While she initially worked at an entertainment production company called RadicalMedia in New York, she wanted to bring her passion for travel into her career. Pirrung reached out to Jet Set’s Douglas (who is also her cousin), who let her shadow Jet Set at the Signature Sales Show to learn more about the luxury travel industry. 

“Upon returning, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that was to sell travel and share my passion with the world and continue to learn about the world we live in every day,” Pirrung says. 

After returning from the event, Pirrung interviewed at a number of New York-area agencies, and wound up finding a perfect fit at Indagare. After a few years there, she wanted to move to Chicago to be closer to family, and so she came full circle and became an independent contractor at Jet Set, where she continues to keep learning and growing her luxury travel business.  

Trendsetter: Cally Pirrung, Jet Set World Travel

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