Trendsetter: Dee Branciforte, Fischer Travel Enterprises

Dee Branciforte

Dee Branciforte, vice president of Fischer Travel Enterprises in New York, works for one of the most high-powered travel agencies in the world. Founded by the legendary Bill Fischer, the agency charges a substantial annual fee to simply be a member of an elite group of high-demanding clients that is seen to 24/7 by its top-level advisors.

Branciforte has been a part of the team for 23 years; she’s a native New Yorker (born in Brooklyn and raised on Staten Island) who moved at a young age to Miami, FL, where she cut her teeth on luxury travel working with Walter Naujoks of Figaro Travel. Her main task there was executing the travel arrangements for the Greater Miami Opera Association’s themed trips, which featured famous opera stars.

“The planning stages were intense and we spent endless hours in the office before any departure,” says Branciforte. When Naujoks retired, Branciforte moved back north with six years of travel advisor experience under her belt and joined Fischer Travel, working directly with Bill Fischer.

“Bill was then and is still now an incredible teacher. It is a privilege when you travel with him. Bill notices details that no one will ever notice. I feel that I have developed a keen eye through his training. He has taught me that you cannot be shy in expressing your opinions in a constructive manner to hotels because this will only help them to provide the level of service and amenities that we are seeking for our clients.”

Over the years, Branciforte has built a stellar list of clients and reveals that her passion for ensuring their trips go smoothly has led to her missing some holiday dinners, even the ones she spent hours cooking.

Policy doesn’t allow her to reveal any names, but Branciforte says, “Our clients are an amazing and diverse group of high net worth individuals who live around the world. They are highly educated, sophisticated and successful.”

Humble at having been selected as Fischer Travel’s Trendsetter, Branciforte says she is fortunate that Stacy Fischer allows her the freedom to share ideas and turn them into a reality. “While I’ve helped grow the business with the addition of new clients each year, I’ve also created certain core processes that ensure the quality of our work is equal no matter which agent is handling a client’s request,” says Branciforte. “It’s important to me that every Fischer Travel client feels as if they are the most important client so I focus on ensuring quality care.”

She is not shy about her strong passion for travel (her favorite city aside from New York is Paris) and feels that her eye for detail and memories of the experiences she’s had in her career and travels has helped spur her success. “When I’m excited about a new product or destination, there is nothing better than returning to the office and sharing that excitement. It’s a great revenue generator,” says Branciforte.

So is knowing your clients’ likes and dislikes, she adds. “Surprising someone with an experience that really speaks to who they are is so gratifying to me. I get such a thrill from knowing that I’ve been able to make someone feel loved and cared for in a very personal way. I believe that Bill and Stacy [Fischer] know how fiercely loyal I am to the clients and also to them.”

Trendsetter: Dee Branciforte, Fischer Travel Enterprises

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