Trendsetter: Heather Christopher, Heather Christopher Travel Consulting (Perfect Honeymoons)

Heather Christopher
Heather Christopher Travel Consulting (Perfect Honeymoons)

Thinking outside the box has always been Heather Christopher’s strong suit and her creativity in all aspects of life has proven to be an asset in the world of selling travel. Her tenacity has also earned her the title of trendsetter for Perfect Honeymoons, of which her own agency, Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, is a member. 

“Being true to myself and just ‘owning’ who I am is what makes my brand / my agency and essentially me stand out in front of my clients. I firmly believe there’s enough business for everyone and that I’m not a great fit for every person who contacts me. I’m always happy to hand off a client to a better fit,” she says. “In terms of success, I’ve said for a long time that ‘the business you take is the business you make’ and that’s proven 110 percent true in growing my own agency.”

Christopher is also a firm believer in using social media to reach a wider range of clients. She recently began using influencer marketing via Instagram. “In the last six months, I reached out to two lifestyle bloggers that I had been following about assisting with their honeymoon plans,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “I comp my service fee in exchange for social media and blog mentions. I don’t comp or discount any portion of their travel expenses, but I am sure to reach out to the hotels about their ‘influencer’ status.”

Christopher says this has easily been the best marketing decision she has made since opening. She has gained over 500 organic followers on Instagram and 18 new clients, all with paid service fees and booked trips. Christopher’s niche is romance and family travel and 95 percent of that is land based. She’ll bring in $700,000 in revenue this year, which puts her on track to soon reach the annual $1.2 million mark she had achieved before launching her own business. 

Christopher has also co-founded a destination wedding company, Wanderlust Wed Co., with a well-known Washington, DC, wedding planner, Sarah Rizzi owner of Sincerely Pete Events. The two recognized the need for each other when handling weddings and events and the partnership has resonated well with clients.

Travel has always been a passion for Christopher, both in her personal and professional life. Originally from Carlisle, PA, she spent 10 years in Northern Virginia where she worked at a storefront agency. In 2015, she and her husband moved to Gettysburg, PA, with their two daughters to start her own agency, Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, and became an affiliate of Perfect Honeymoons just one year later. 

As for her own travels, Christopher visited Greece in May with Eclectic Greece on a personalized fam for Lindsey Epperly, owner of Epperly Travel. “A month later, I did three days of my own fam in Cancun [UNICO and Nizuc — totally different properties but both frontrunners in their respective categories], then four days with the Karisma brands,” she told us a couple months back. “I’ll be headed to ILTM Americas in September and then take my own family vacation to Oahu in December. I don’t normally plan too far ahead but already have my own sold out group with G Adventures going to Iceland in January and I am working with Luxury Slovenia for a personal fam in April.”  

Trendsetter: Heather Christopher, Heather Christopher Travel Consulting (Perfect Honeymoons)

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